About Me

Music has been in my blood since my childhood, I remember sitting on the lawn in front of the family home, my parents sat on the doorstep with the radio alongside them. Music playing out for hours on end (normally Radio 1 in the daytime, Tony Blackburn, Noel Edmonds, DLT, Simon Bates etc & Radio Luxemboug at night Tony Prince & Emperor Rosko come to mind.)

It must have been due to all of these DJ's that I began to DJ Myself, as I found myself at the age of 15 being attracted to the DJ Booth at the local Youth Club and assisting the DJ there, I was soon hooked.

almost 40 years on and I find myself in my sixth year as a DJ / Presenter on Internet Radio (Soulbeat Radio) and also Community Radio (previously of Radio Cardiff 98.7fm)and now on Bro Radio.FM on 98.1fm in my home town of Barry in South Wales.

Mixcloud show below click and enjoy.


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